Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania House District 154:

Cheltenham Township, Springfield Township, and Jenkintown Borough


Pennsylvania’s children deserve equal access to a public education that will prepare them for the future. Pennsylvania ranks 45th in state share of school funding. This insufficient state support results in the largest difference between well-funded schools and poorly funded schools in the nation. We are failing our children.

Jennifer is a proud graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she received an excellent, affordable education. Now, our college graduates rank first in the nation in student debt. This crushing debt doesn’t just impact the student, but the state’s economy suffers when graduates are unable to afford to start families and purchase homes.

Jennifer is a tireless advocate of sensible gun legislation. In 2019, she worked with legislators from both parties to advance legislation that requires all defendants who are subject to a final protection-from-abuse order to relinquish firearms. Act 79 went into effect in April 2019, and was Pennsylvania’s first major gun safety bill in decades.

Currently, red flag bills that would allow for the temporary confiscation of firearms from people in crisis are stalled in committee in Pennsylvania’s House and Senate. Jennifer has advocated for this life-saving legislation with its sponsors, in the media, and in Harrisburg.

Jennifer believes that healthcare is a human right, and she wants all Pennsylvanians to have access to quality, affordable medical care. She supports a state-based public insurance option program based on state Medicaid spending and negotiated costs. Everyone would benefit by lower costs created by competition, even those who choose to keep their own insurance.

Jennifer strongly supports Governor Wolf’s “Reach Out PA: Your Mental Health Matters” initiative, designed to improve mental health services and remove the stigma associated with seeking treatment.

Some of our hardest working citizens have been losing ground for more than a decade while the minimum wage remains stagnant at $7.25/hour. Jennifer supports raising the minimum wage to $15, to allow working families to meet basic needs while also boosting local economies across the commonwealth.

Jennifer supports Pennsylvania’s proud tradition of union labor that has ensured generations of families access to fair wages, quality healthcare, paid time off, and myriad other benefits.

“The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.” – The Pennsylvania Constitution

We have a duty to be responsible stewards of the environment we pass along to future generations. This means committing to clean and renewable energy, regulating and taxing fracking, and protecting open space.


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